Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Letter to House Representative

Dear Representative Moss:

I'm writing to ask your support of public education. Please help us control our costs while holding the state to its promise of adequate funding. Support House Bill 4116.

At the same time help our district control costs by supporting House Bill 4107 which is an honest attempt to fix the train wreck that has become the state teachers pension plan. This bill will support the existing participants while allowing new teachers to enroll in 401-k type retirement plans.

Also, please consider reintroducing legislation like House Bill 4274 which was introduced in 2005. This bill provides much needed transparency towards healthcare costs.

Thank you for your consideration. Our schools must be allowed to contain the two costs which are killing our system, healthcare and pension costs. Unless we act now, we risk putting the education of our children, and the welfare of our teacher in jeopardy.


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